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Welcome to Yash Jegathesan's Community

Welcome to the followers of Yash Jegathesan. If you're new here, a warm welcome to you. And to those who have been following for a while, thank you for your continued support.

Yash Jegathesan explored the teachings of the Gita and the Bible to understand the essence of healing, drawing inspiration from various scriptures and personal insights.

Yash emphasizes that genuine healing involves both the body and soul, promoting a holistic approach to well-being. Her journey has involved profound self-reflection and spiritual connection, enabling her to access a well of profound wisdom.

She recalls moments of great clarity, receiving insights through visions and peaceful meditative states. These revelations have guided her in developing methods that go beyond physical healing to nurture the soul, fostering inner peace and harmony.

Yash is dedicated to aiding others in discovering their own paths, underscoring that authentic wellness is a delicate balance of body and soul.

Yash Foundation was born from her deep research and meditation, where individuals could seek healing, and personal development. 

Explore more about Yash Jegathesan, including her coaching services, podcast, blog, personal story, ancestral experiences, book suggestions, testimonials, and more on her Yash Foundation website.

For visual content like short series, videos, and collaborative podcasts on diverse topics, check out her YouTube channel @yashfoundation.

Yasotha (Yash) Jegathesan
Yasotha (Yash) Jegathesan


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