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Unveiling the captivating experience with the Goddess Herself in Rishikesh. A chance meeting.

Updated: Mar 2

During my first visit to Rishikesh, I found myself stranded as the cabs refused to take me back to my hotel just 2 kilometers from Lakshman Jhula. With darkness approaching and unsure of the correct route, I began walking alone. In that moment of uncertainty, a faint voice guided me to follow a cheerful family of five emerging from the shadows ahead. Comprising a husband, wife, two sons, and a daughter, they graciously allowed me to accompany them. When I introduced myself as Yasotha, the wife, complimented my name. I asked for her name and she replied, “Parvati”. I noticed her eyes gleaming like the yellow hues I had seen reminiscent of the divine manifestations I witnessed earlier at the Rishi Vashisth meditation cave hills.

We know Goddess Parvati comes with different names and forms; Durga, Meenakshi, Mariamman, Mahisasuramardini, Kasar Devi, Kotravai (the ancient one), and the list of names goes on.

The husband seemed to embody a Shiva-like presence. This experience preceded my experience with Shiva as Nandi, which I shared in a previous post, all unfolding on the same memorable day.

This was the second experience of the remarkable day, October 20, 2021.

Goddess Parvati Durga Mariamman Mahisasuramardini
Goddess Herself?


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