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Coaching Sessions

Who is it for and why?

Yash is a Healer, Advisor, Coach, Consultant who wants to share her knowledge and wisdom and meet with people at the current stage of their life. She will teach, define, reflect and transform your outlook to achieve your real-life purpose from your current stage of your life.

What will you Achieve during the process?

Yash will share her wisdom to help you “Master Your Heritage Living” through “Self Heal to Become You to Self Express”. What does this mean to you and what Legacy do you want to leave behind for the current generation and upcoming generations of this world?

Yash worked on her personal journey and is now ready to embark on building her own company because she believed, had faith in the vision that someday she will walk towards her life purpose and mission while building on unconditional love characteristic.

You may purchase a notebook from Yash’s selection of notebooks designed by her using her own quotes at Amazon.

She appreciates your contribution towards the purchase that further motivates her.

Coaching session
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