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About Me

Yash’s Spiritual Journey in Her Own Words

Yash is a lifelong learner of various subjects. She relocated from Malaysia and now living in India. Her passion is towards achieving a balanced “Heritage Living” which she believes she has spiritually inherited from her ancestors while pursuing her “Yash Foundation” and her upcoming “Luxury Made Affordable” brand “Yash Heritage”.

Yash says:

“I am a Master of my own Destiny, Author and Creator of my Life Purpose.

Self Heal to Become You to Self Express”.

This further endorses the need for creativity in each one of us. With creation, comes beautiful things to experience in life.

Yash further says in her quotes:

“Elegance Represents Who I am”.

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Yash’s own words resonates with her Foundation of who she is:

“The world is your Heritage. You do not need to look far. The world is within your reach. If you look inside, you will find your Heritage. You are made up of this world. You are your Heritage. Look inside and you will see the Light”.

Her Vision is to contribute back to the society through social responsibility and advocate humanity towards “Memory of Origin” and “Heritage Living”.

Faith is the essence of Yash Foundation. Her three principles are:

“Believe, Faith and Unconditional Love”.

Her external personal brand outlook are being Authentic, building Trust and create Value where ever she goes that had led her to who she is today.

Her journey began when she was on the road to self-discovery to know her higher self and in that process, mastered the principles of I AM (Aham Brahmasmi for those who need translation of what I Am means and it further relates to Om Tat Sat, That is Truth). Her teaching is Spiritual and not tied to any religion. She will refer scriptures, tarot, numbers, art that made her walk by Faith to building her Yash Foundation. Embark with her on your personal transformation journey to self realisation to oneness and create the life you love and live a life with purpose.

She is excited to share and teach you her wisdom and knowledge on the fundamentals of how to walk by Faith, Heal Yourself and Reclaim Your Spiritual Inheritance.

Yash Says

“I pay respect to all our Ancestors and Masters that came before me and I honour the earthly land we live in”.

Yash’s Connection to Nature

Her passion for love of beauty, nature, philosophy and strong need for freedom in believing in self expression have led her to being a designer and an author. She is an autodidact, love to travel, teach, share her values, appreciate and promote good things in life while serving her soul purpose and life mission. She is hopeful and looking forward to contributing her value to others.


Yash balances both spiritual and physical. She had travelled widely experiencing first, business and economy classes via flights. Stayed at key hotel brands worldwide, loves fine dining and dined at exclusive places. Yash loves to mix with local people and community to understand their culture while she travels.

Fine Arts, Luxury Brands and Her Creation  

Yash owns few investment pieces from premium to luxury brands to experience and incorporate them into her lifestyle because of her love for creativity and beauty, nature, philosophy and strong need for freedom in believing in self expression that had led her to being a designer and an author which she intends to promote in the very near future.

Yash attended fashion shows, art exhibition and book launch and shown keen interest in developing understanding of the various arts movements. Specifically, attending the art exhibition within the city and mainly overseas while traveling if the dates matched such as the legendary exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci at Macau and Milan were timely.


As an ardent lover of fine arts, a classical dancer, vocal and instrument training during her school days had always led her to believe about the power of creativity. She has re-built her lost passion as a designer and an author with power of creativity, quotes, thoughts and ideas from formless to form. A balance between spiritual and physical matter.

You may find all her designed notebooks published at Amazon with her Visionary quotes that can help you grow in your own personal journey. Write down your thoughts as they come into the notebooks, turn them into positive thoughts to create abundance and peace. It is Infinite of what you can do with all the beautiful notebook where ever you are in this world. The inspirational quotes are to spark that inner knowing and wisdom within you. Yash is here to prompt you to take this journey to the next level and become who you are to accomplish your life purpose and in the process achieve self realisation and oneness. In return, help others grow along with you and need not wait till you accomplish to be someone but give a gentle nudge to the person next to you.

Her Love for Cultural Heritage

During her travel, she was always fond of visiting many famous art galleries across the world; Milan, UK, Istanbul, New York, Paris to name a few. Specifically, she had the opportunity to visit Giverny where Claude Monet's last paintings of water lilies were done. It had also led her to believe that all of us can create such beautiful work of art. She has a reproduction of the painting of Van Gogh’s Starry Night Over the Rhone at her current home to further ignite her inspiration. In her recent visit in 2022 to Odisha, she acquired a traditional painting of Pattachitra which is all made from natural resources. From time to time, she revisits her recent travel photos from Rishikesh, Almora, Naggar Manali, Sissu Valley, Kasol, Varanasi and Egypt to continuously keep her ignited aside from her world travelled photos.


She has represented hockey at inter-schools competitions and badminton at school competitions, practiced basic martial arts and participated in chess competitions at her school.

In her adulthood, she learned various techniques such as NLP, Reiki, tarot (certified), metaphysics to name a few.

Yash has completely immersed herself on the cultural heritage which she inherited from her ancestors in the last couple of years specifically, in architecture of ancient monuments.

Yash is sharing her personal library corner (Book Recommendations) to encourage people to connect and transform their life through reading books that shaped into who she is today.

Embracing Life with A Purpose is always Fulfilling

She says ”Value Self” and this is how she Started her Journey. As everyone else, she lived a simpleton life until she had a calling. Her life was never the same. When she look back how far she has come in these last 8 years since 2014 and beyond, she is amazed at herself. Never had she imagined that she would be sharing her wisdom with the world.

Her first blog is about "Value Self" as this is the most critical time that we all live in and each and every life and souls are important. No matter where you are in your life right now, always never allow anyone to take away your value.

How does Yash value self? She has another three key principles:

  1. Believe in yourself

  2. Have compassion on yourself

  3. Respect yourself


The key to achieving this transformation is to understand the principles in each of these stages. Many of us are in a hurry to complete the cycle but everything happens at divine timing. For some, it will happen quickly but for some it tarries but never delayed. There is life lessons to be learned and the cycle closes upon understanding our lessons to move forward to the next stage. Once you arrive on the shore of self, you will walk on water never to fall back.

Spiritual versus Physical Outlook

Yash expanded her wisdom on a relatively important field of study on positive psychiatry and mental health. She wanted to gain an insight on study of life from physical matter from which she knew from mastering her spiritual learning. Hope, Faith, taking Risk and Love what we do gives freedom, self worth (value yourself), and fulfilment. Self actualise and become transcendence helping others to self actualise to overcome difficulties (samsara).


Abraham Maslow summarised in a pyramid from basic needs to achieving our true potential through self actualisation to self transcendence to oneself, to human beings, to nature and the universe. She grew to like archetypes which Carl Jung describes in his Red Book which she highly recommend for reading.

Yash’s New Chapter

She concluded her vacation in January 2022 climbing her own mountain going beyond her ordinary at Almora, Uttarakhand which she thought was initially impossible including the travel time but once she reached, she was able to see the sunrise of Trishul Himalayan peak and experience not only transcendental but also a Revelation at the Kasar Devi temple known to have acclaimed for the Van Allen Belt that ignites magnetic field particles of the cosmos. It was breathtaking.


Are you Ready with her “Call to Action” and “Take Charge of Your Life” to make this swift change within yourself and others around you?

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She left her corporate journey of over 28 years at the end of November 2022 as a fearless Leader to take the inherent courage to accomplish “The Impossible” to share her values while serving her soul purpose and life mission.

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