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"Unveiling the Epic Conclusion: The Final Showdown with Mahadev Shiva"

The Nandi (Shiva himself) patiently waited for me as I explored the bustling shops. Being my first time in Rishikesh and taking a different route back, I was unsure how to return to the hotel. The Nandi, a white cow as described in my previous post, with its penetrating gaze, guided me back to Geeta Bhavan. It stopped and lifted its head to the left, indicating the way back to my hotel. After I took the left turn, it vanished from sight. A few years ago, I might have dismissed this experience, but now I know.

In a 1959 BBC TV Interview, John Freeman asked Carl Jung, "Do you now believe in God?" Jung responded, "Now? [Pause] Difficult to answer. I know. I don't need to believe. I know."

The divine presence are not just ancient tales but living, breathing experiences.

This represents only a fraction of what I have to share. I look forward to divulging the remaining experiences at an opportune moment.

Shiva Rishikesh
Face to face with Mahadev Shiva


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