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Experiences of Yash Foundation's diverse clientele

The clientele of Yash Foundation is rapidly expanding from India to the United States and Dubai, with plans for further international expansion to disseminate ancient teachings and wisdom.

Testimonials from clients include profound experiences such as witnessing the divine presence of Shiva during meditation, exceptional academic outcomes surpassing expectations, encountering spiritual experiences through Yash Jegathesan like jyothi (light) during meditation, breakthroughs in career paths, dispelling black magic and negativities, and achieving enhanced communication abilities, among others.

The foundation focuses on radiating positive energies and facilitating healing. Committed to aiding women, men, and children (through parental guidance) and people of diverse backgrounds in achieving awareness, overcoming past traumas, and progressing towards a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Yash Foundation embodies a dedication to holistic healing and personal growth.

Namaste and Vanakkam.

testimonial of clients
Testimonial of Clients


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