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How I Started My Journey #Value Self

Updated: Mar 31

As everyone else, I lived a simpleton life until I had a calling. My life was never the same. When I look back how far I have come in these last 9 years (updated in January 2023), I am amazed at myself. Never have I imagined that I would be sharing my wisdom with the world.

My first blog is about "Value Self" as this is the most critical time that we live in and each and every life is important. I hope to reach all women, children and men with my blog. No matter where you are in your life right now, always never allow anyone to take away your value.

How do I value self? I have three key principles:

  1. Believe in yourself

  2. Have compassion on yourself

  3. Respect yourself

healing green
The Seed of Life - Remember to nurture it with water for it to grow to its fullest.

Green is the colour of healing and fertility, something being born. As you have stop by this blog, take a deep breath in and breath out and just meditate on this picture and the colour it renders.

Hope this two minute exercise gave you a sense of peace that you were always searching within you. It was always inside of you for generations.

Follow my podcast episode on Value Self on my website

I will see you soon on my next blog. For visual shorts of Value Self, visit my YouTube channel @yashfoundation. 


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