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Who I AM - Yash's Quotes

I am a designer and an author with power of creativity, quotes, thoughts and ideas from formless to form (into physical) besides being spiritual. A balance between spiritual and physical matter.

You may find all my designed "no content notebooks" at Amazon with my Visionary quotes at that can help you grow in your own personal journey. Write down your thoughts as they come into the notebooks, turn them into positive thoughts to create abundance and peace.

It is Infinite of what you can do with all the beautiful notebook where ever you are in this world.

The inspirational quotes are to spark that inner knowing and wisdom within you.

You are the author and creator of the content of the notebook.

I am here to prompt you to take this journey to the next level and become who you are to accomplish your life purpose and in the process achieve self realisation and oneness. In return, help others grow along with you.

Below is a snippet from my author central profile. Stay curious about me.

My passion for love of beauty, nature, philosophy and strong need for freedom in believing in self expression have led me to being a designer and an author. I am an autodidact, love to travel, teach, share my values, appreciate and promote good things in life while serving my soul purpose and life mission.

Taking the inherent courage to accomplish "The Impossible". 


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