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"Transformative Experience: My Journey to Tripura Sundari Temple in Manali, Himachal Pradesh"

My first visit to the Tripura Sundari Temple in Manali, Himachal Pradesh was truly remarkable! After being dropped off by my tour driver a bit away from the temple, I caught a glimpse of Tripura Sundari perched gracefully atop Shiva, despite the closed gates. I usually fast before visiting such powerful places, and Tripura Sundari, known as the cosmic weaver, held me captivated. Back at the hotel, I had a close experience with a big spider, which later I realised was a form of Mother Tripura. A small orange flower mysteriously stuck to my toe at the temple (check out the picture on the right), catching me off guard. When I returned a few days later to give thanks, a pink flower magically appeared at my feet. What a surprise! No one was around, and my driver was at a distance. While exploring the temple, I noticed no flowers outside, only inside the locked altar. In awe, I carefully placed the pink flower down, only to discover a red flower. There were no flowers there before, showing me the humble power of this divine presence.

These personal stories, now being made public, provide everyone with the opportunity to connect with them. This allows individuals to relate to their own experiences and recall moments that might have slipped by unnoticed.

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Tripura Sundari Temple Manali Himachal Pradesh
Tripura Sundari Magical Moment


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