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"Embracing the Wisdom of Ancestor Shiva: A Tranquil Moment of Appreciation"

I am compelled to write this personal story today. I extend my profound appreciation to Akhil Bharati, a young stranger, for adeptly capturing a moment of mine at the rear of the ghat, where photography was permitted. Reflecting on this remarkable experience, I respectfully acknowledge Shiva, our ancestor, for his profound wisdom, who governs the four directions, as described in the Aintiram by Mamuni Mayan. Shiva ceaselessly astounds with his clever and magical manifestations.

In that tranquil expanse, I closed my eyes, offering a silent tribute to Shiva, the eternal deity whose omnipotence transcend time. Shiva's presence felt palpable, a reminder of the magic and wonder that surrounds us, if only we take a moment to pause and appreciate it.

Kashi Cambodia Mahadev Shiva Ganga River
Kashi to Cambodia, My Personal Story


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