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Tamil Inscription at Angkor Wat Pillars: A Linguistic and Historical Analysis

Yash Jegathesan delves deeper into her travel photos and uncovers Tamil inscriptions at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

After visiting Cambodia in April 2023 and talking to local people, she came to an understanding that they still pray to ancestral Gods first and then to their Buddhism forms which are from India (present day name).

Yash Jegathesan went to Cambodia in April 2023. The pictures were taken from a distance with the guide hurrying up. These pictures were cropped to have a closer view.

These were reveal to her during her meditation by Shiva recently. As she can read Tamil, she could read some of the Tamil letters. Experts have endorsed these inscriptions to be Tamil.

The inscriptions not only highlight the historical connection between Cambodia and Tamil Nadu but also shed light on the rich cultural exchanges that have taken place over centuries. These ancient scripts serve as a testament to the deep-rooted influence of Tamil civilization on the architecture and spiritual practices at Angkor Wat.

Yash Jegathesan hopes that by bringing attention to these inscriptions, more researchers and enthusiasts will be inspired to delve into this fascinating intersection of cultures. She believes that a collaborative effort will lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the historical and cultural significance of these findings.

In her meditation, Shiva's guidance felt like a divine endorsement, urging her to pursue this path of discovery. The confluence of her spiritual experiences and scholarly curiosity has set the stage for a journey that promises to uncover more hidden narratives embedded in the stones of Angkor Wat.

For Yash, this is just the beginning. She envisions organizing expeditions, workshops, and seminars to not only explore these inscriptions but also to foster a deeper appreciation of the interconnectedness of human history. Her foundation is committed to supporting such initiatives, providing a platform for scholars, historians, and spiritual seekers to come together and share their insights.

The journey ahead is one of exploration, learning, and reverence for the ancient wisdom that continues to resonate through the ages.

If anyone wishes to collaborate to visit Cambodia to further explore these pillars or have a discussion on these findings, write to her at

tamil inscriptions
Tamil Inscriptions

tamil inscriptions
Tamil Inscriptions


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