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A Tribute to the Sages on Angkor Wat Structure

I travelled to Cambodia in April 2023 and released a blog some time back reminiscing the essence of the Angkor Wat Temple. You may find the blog in the related posts section.

In recent days, I was going through the pile of photos once again only to discover a closer look at the walls of the Angkor Wat to see carvings of the Sages across the walls.

I believe that Angkor Wat was once a learning center given the Sages are of different descendants.

Each carving seemed to tell a story of wisdom and knowledge passed down through generations. The intricate details captured the essence of an era where learning and spirituality were deeply intertwined.

As I delved deeper into these images, I could almost hear the whispers of ancient teachings echoing through the corridors.

I believe that the Sages, depicted with serene expressions and meditative postures were guardians of ancient wisdom, their presence a testament to the temple's historical significance. Each figure, unique in attire and features, represented a different lineage, suggesting a melting pot of cultures and philosophies converging at Angkor Wat.

It made me ponder the vast array of knowledge that must have been shared within those sacred walls. From astronomy and mathematics to literature and philosophy, the temple likely served as a beacon of enlightenment for scholars and seekers from all corners of the world.

As I continued to explore the photographs, I couldn't help but feel a deep connection to the past. It was as if the Sages were inviting me to uncover more about their lives and the wisdom they imparted. This newfound appreciation for Angkor Wat has inspired me, ready to embrace the lessons hidden within its ancient stones.

My journey to Cambodia and the Angkor Wat Temple has become more than just a travel experience; it has become a bridge connecting me to a rich tapestry of history, culture, and timeless wisdom.

Sages meditating Angkor Wat walls
Yash Jegathesan discovered carvings at Angkor Wat depicting sages meditating.

A Tribute to the Sages on Angkor Wat Structure


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