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Sri Lingraj Temple Bhubaneshwar Odisha

Sri Lingraj temple is a magnificent monument dedicated to Lord Shiva who Himself is magnificent and the main spire is about 55 metres high. The flag of the temple was tied to a Pinaka bow instead of the Lord Shiva trident.

It was built by King Jajati Keshari in the 10th century who shifted his capital to Bhubaneswar and further completed by King Lalatendu Keshari in the 11th century.

It is built in the Kalinga style of architecture. There are assertions that the temple predates to 6th century or earlier.

Sri Lingraj Bhubaneshwar temple complex in Odisha has more than 100 smaller shrines, including one dedicated to Goddess Parvati and one for Ganesha.

The Lingraj deity is worshipped as Harihara, a combined form of Vishnu and Shiva.

Bhubaneswar is called the “Ekamra Kshetra”because the Lingaraj form was originally under a mango tree (Ekamra) according to Ekamra Purana, a Sanskrit treatise.

The lingam in the temple is a natural unshaped stone called “Swayambhu” meaning self manifested.

The temple is maintained by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Photography is prohibited inside the temple and there is a viewing platform for people who can’t enter the temple.

shiva mahadev

shiva mahadev

shiva mahadev


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