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Nicholas Roerich Memorial Trust and Art Gallery Naggar Himachal Pradesh

Nicholas Roerich is a Russian contemporary philosopher, an artist of Himalaya mountains, researcher and along with his wife chose Naggar, Himachal Pradesh as their home or shall I say they found their shambala.

They both built the Nicholas Roerich research institute for scientific research including herbs as well as did several expeditions across north India.

Helena Roerich is no lesser a woman. She is a writer and philosopher supporting her husband Roerich on the difficult expeditions. She wrote the Living Ethics which is about the concept of cosmos.

Both Roerich and Helena were spiritual and were connected with the ancient teachings of India.

If you are in Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, you must visit Nicholas Roerich Memorial Trust and Art Gallery to take in the information about the great culture of India Heritage and why it must be protected at all cost.

He is one of the three significant people who confirmed that Jesus had come to India after having sighted a text in a monastery. This is based on my extensive research. You may do your own research to arrive at your own conclusion.

When I planned to visit specifically, Tripura Temple and Nicholas Roerich Memorial Trust and Art Gallery, Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, initially, my plan was to stay in the Manali city centre but somehow, my intuition directed me towards Naggar. My hotel in Naggar was just 10-15 minutes drive from this wonderful place including the Naggar Castle and Tripura Temple.

I met the management of Nicholas Roerich Memorial Trust and I asked about the spelling of names that ends with 'a'. He explained how the spellings have changed over the years. For example, Sen became Sena, etc. An 'a' was always added to each word to change the context during the previous western reigns and it continues till today without questioning the basis or foundation.

We need to discern, meditate and know from within what is right from wrong. I leave you with this to think and act with respect towards each humanity. This is also the ask of Roerich pact and the mutual respect between nations.

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Roerich pact

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