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Unveiling the Spiritual Essence of Salangai Oli, Aum Namah Shivaya and Thirumoolar Thirumanthiram

Updated: Apr 6

I was interviewed about temples designs, architecture and its capabilities for healing humanity. In that interview, I spoke about the experience with Arulmigu Mahadev Shiva's anklets.

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The masculine energy I sensed was unmistakably the presence of Arulmigu Mahadev Shiva, and the mantra “AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA” that I was listening to is described in the Thirumanthiram by Siddhar Thirumoolar. Evidently, Shiva had arranged for me to be unable to open my eyes so that I could truly feel his presence and energy.

From Thirumoolar Thirumanthiram:

Letters A, U and M

By One Letter, A, He all worlds became;

By Two Letters (A and U), He the Two became--Siva and Sakti; By Three Letters (A, U and M), He the Light* became;

By Letter M was Maya ushered in.

Letters Three--Si Va Ya

Letters Si Va Ya are bliss perpetual; Letters Si and Ya are Jnana; Si-Va-Ya is unalloyed joy;

Not many know this,

They who realizes this in Joy

Will Him behold in Dance-Joyous (Ananda).

I Chanted Nama and Lord Appeared

And Lo! within the lotus of my heart, I beheld Him

And as I saw Him, I rose and met Him;

I then lost my sense of Self,

Betaking to gracious way of Lord Eternal; In endearment undiminished,

Do chant "Nama."

He Effected Union With Jiva

In the orderly way of numerals and letters The Lord created music and melody;

In His Glance, in His Thought, from within, He effected rapturous union of Jiva and Siva, Into one Family united.

He Knows All; But None Knows Him

He is Jiva's knowledge, He is the Ancient One, Yet none know how He is; In the universes eight all, He knows all,

-He the Nandi, Our Lord Primal.

He is Deathless

Water, earth, sky, fire and wind,

The spark of light within the body,

-All these He is;

He is Paraparam, He is Siva, Our Lord, He is the walking Jiva here below, Deathless He is.

Notes: Jnana is Knowledge. Jiva is Soul.

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