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Episode 04
14th March, 2024

My Story


Healer, Advisor, Coach, Consultant

Yash is a lifelong learner of various subjects. Her passion is towards achieving a balanced “Heritage Living” which she believes she has spiritually inherited from her ancestors while pursuing her personal journey to build “Yash Foundation” which she wants to impart with the world.

For collaboration, contact her at

Her Creation

Her passion for love of beauty, nature, philosophy and strong need for freedom in believing in self expression have led her to being a designer and an author. She is an autodidact, love to travel, teach, share her values, appreciate and promote good things in life. She is looking forward to share her story from her perspective of “Luxury Made Affordable” brand “Yash Heritage”.

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“Master Your Heritage Living” Book Coming Soon!

“Self Heal to Become You to Self Express”.

Preview of what to expect from her upcoming Book turned into Personal Course that can be used anywhere in the world while on the train, bus, flight, at home, at the porch or balcony having a cup of your favorite beverage or your sacred space to begin your transformational personal journey to achieve your life purpose and in turn, allows you to contribute back to the society what you have learned.

“Once the soul is awaken, you will receive the knowledge of who you are and that the mind is no longer in control but the soul that is Life (Prana) awakens the Fire (Agni) within us and brings forth healing through Air (Vayu) we breath, manifests from formless to form and allows you to achieve your life purpose. Subsequently, the life journey continues to transcend into oneness with the source, eternity.

For simplicity, soul is consciousness. Once your soul is conscious, the veil is lifted and you see the Truth. In the Vedas and mantras, it is called “Om Tat Sat” and in the Bible, it is “I Am Him, I Am Christ”. Why is it “Him” and not “Her”?

Unlock your inner power with this master book!

Date: Coming Soon

Place: Online Session

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My Books

I launched my very first planner notebook at Amazon and subsequent series of "no content notebooks" with my own visionary quotes.

My passion and believe in self expression has led me in this path of creation. Subsequent series of designs, artwork planner notebook is work in progress. 

A Master Course to assist you in your daily life which you can use on the go will follow soon.

Follow my Amazon Author account for future updates at

Hire Yash

Hire me to speak at your event

Physical or Virtual Events for companies, corporates, individuals be it small, medium or large groups. The session will be designed to meet the requirements of the audience. Why wait?

Payment is upon discussion on the businesses or individual groups requirements.


Book Recommendations

These are books that shaped me in my spiritual journey. In this section, you can explore all my personal book recommendations. 

Dante's Divine Comedy_edited.jpg
Beethoven and the Spiritual Path.jpeg

Knowledge Center

Yash loves to travel. She will be sharing her insights to the places she visited and her wisdom into various subjects. Tune in to read her blog post. Leave a comment as she would love to connect with you.

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