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Perspective of our Life Journey and 108 times Mantra

Exploring the significance of our life journey and the profound meaning behind the 108 Times Mantra. For further insights, watch the short series @yashfoundation channel.

In tarot, a novice embarks on a life journey as the Fool. Carrying four tools on his shoulder, representing the elements: earth (pentacles/coins), fire (wand), air (sword), and water (cup/emotions). The Fool is part of the 22 major arcana, starting with zero as the Fool, one as the Magician, eight with a lady taming the lion and ending with the World or Universe card symbolizing reaching life goals and awareness. These describes the 108 concept in a visual format.

Similarly, chanting a 108 mantra grants wisdom, protection, and knowledge.

Balancing these tools allows the fifth element space for creative expression, mastery, and understanding of the four directions of the earth.

Life Journey and 108 Mantra
Life Journey and 108 Mantra


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