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The Healing Power of Bhaisajyaguru: Understanding the Buddha of Healing

Did you know this? Bhaisajyaguru is the Buddha of healing and medicine in Mahayana Buddhism. He cures suffering using the medicine of his teachings. A manuscript about Bhaisajyaguru was discovered at the monastery at Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

One of his 12 vows; “I vow that my body shall shine as beams of brilliant light on this infinite and boundless world, showering on all beings, getting rid of their ignorance and worries with my teachings. May all beings be like me, with a perfect status and character, upright, and finally attaining enlightenment like the Buddha”.

As a commonality: In Japan, Bhaisajyaguru or Medicine Buddha is known as Yakushi who is surrounded by 12 heavenly generals. Yakushi is still worshipped at old temples around Kyoto region which was once an oldest capital. People who hold dear to them the Medicine Buddha (Yakushi), will be healed and protected.

Horyu Gakumonji known as the temple of the flourishing in Nara, Japan was founded by Prince Shotoku and is now a UNESCO world heritage site. This temple is also dedicated to Yakushi, the Buddha of healing.

The same Buddha of healing is known in different names in Korean, Chinese, Khmer, Mongolian, Russian, Thai, Tibetan and Vietnamese. I am sure the list doesn’t end here.

Note: The picture is for illustration purposes only.

bhaisajyaguru buddha of healing


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