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Manu Temple at Manali, Himachal Pradesh

According to ancient scripture, from a King that ruled the earth to becoming a Sage known as Manu, a temple is honored in his name in Manali. The name Manali is derived from his name.

The ancient texts speaks about the Sage Manu as the creator of the human race and the writer of Manusmriti, the laws of Manu. It was given by Sage Manu to the Rishis to guide them to establish peace and harmony.

According to the believes, during the great flood on earth, Lord Vishnu (in his first Matsya avatar) came to rescue and suggested to Manu to build a ship to save humanity. He built the ship and took his family along with seeds and animals to repopulate the earth when the flooding was over.

The ancient text strike a similarity with Noah’s Ark from the Bible.

This is the place where King Manu stepped on earth and meditated which became the Manu temple.

The temple is located nearby the main market in the Old Manali. The temple structure is built in the pagoda, Kathkuni style which stood the time.

Visit this place for it's history and for it's natural beauty surrounding the temple.


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