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My Story

​Faith is the essence of Yash Foundation. My three principles are Believe, Faith and Unconditional Love. My external outlook is Authenticity, Trust and Value. I am here to teach you my wisdom and knowledge on the fundamentals of how to walk by Faith, Heal Yourself and Reclaim Your Spiritual Inheritance. My journey began when I was on the road to self-discovery to know my higher self and in that process, mastered the principles of I AM (Aham Brahmasmi). My teaching is Spiritual and not tied to any religion. I will refer to the scriptures, tarot, numbers that made me walk by Faith to building my foundation. ​ Embark with me on your transformation journey to Oneness.

Lotus Flower

"Take control of your life. Be your true authentic and value self.

AgniVayuPrana is the essence of our life journey and harmony of these brings balance both physical and spiritual to create and sustain".

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