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I launched my very first planner notebook at Amazon and subsequent series of "no content notebooks" with my own visionary quotes.

Follow my Amazon Author account for future updates at

My passion and believe in self expression has led me in this path of creation.

Subsequent series of designs, artwork planner notebook is work in progress. 

A Master Course to assist you in your daily life which you can use on the go will follow soon.

Below is a sample from my author page at Amazon. Please visit the site and follow for updates.

Master Kushtha Planner-4.png

Kushtha Planner

The design comes in both soft cover matte and hard cover finish, 6x9 inches in dimensions, 120 page lined notebook. pocket size. It is a great gift idea for birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. It can be used by students, travellers, mom, dad, he/she/they, etc.
What is Kushtha? It is a plant which is a visible form of manifestation. 

The sound of the conch calls for victory over time in ancient days. You may use this planner to write down your thoughts and plans for manifestation into the physical, being one with nature.

Master Course

Look our for my Master Course Blueprint that will go Live very soon which you can use on daily basis on the go!

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