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Sarnath, Archaeology Excavation Site of Lord Buddha

Sarnath is 30-45 minutes from Varanasi which holds importance to archaeology excavation site of Lord Buddha. Sarnath is where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon.

The museum contains various artefacts from the excavation including those of Lord Buddha, Tara, Lord Vishnu and his consort and Lord Shiva and family.

One unique artefact was a combination of HariHaryangharbha (hope I got the spelling right). It’s a combination of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva in one statue. In my opinion, they are one and the same and in oneness.

The ancient place that included stupa and pillar was built by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. The famous Ashoka pillar with four lions and dharma chakra is located here which is the national emblem of India and the chakra is also depicted on the India flag.

At the temple there is a red door which connects to an underground chamber for monks to meditate but it was closed due to pandemic.

Photography was not allowed at the museum. Do visit the site to get a view of all the excavation artefacts of importance.


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