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Number Symbolism

As there are many blogs about number symbolism, I don't intend to write a long list of reasonings about numbers and their symbolism.

Numbers always reduce between 0 to 10. Whenever you come across the numbers on bills, clock time, billboards, etc., pause and take a moment to research on the number and write down your experiences so you could come back to check on the trend and relate to current and on-going experiences.

Each would correspond to a tarot cards numbered zero from (fool) to ten (wheel of fortune). Each of these cards symbolism, colours will tell you some thing and will relay a message. You don't need to buy a deck for this purpose. You may google up the card numbers for their images. Take the meanings with a pinch of salt and leave the rest of the interpretation to the divine within you to reveal the information.

I learned tarot using the Rider Waite deck. There are many hidden symbols in this deck including one about the sphinx. William Yeat's poem speaks about somewhere far in the desert, a sphinx. Look it up.

Meditating upon the numbers will reveal the next steps in your life. The numbers are basically mathematics coordinates that will reveal many things and open many doors.

Shiva, the cosmic dancer, has 64 forms and his consort having learned the 64 art forms. In Cambodia, there are 64 lingams in a square of 8 x 8 (=64) sculpted at Mount Kulen mountain river bed. This is no coincidence nor magic. It is ancient teachings and ancient science that our ancestors had mastered. They are master builders because of the wisdom they gained through meditation.

If you are in doubt or want to share your experiences, leave a comment or write to me at I will be happy to answer.

Thank you for reading this short article and below is a picture from my journey to Mount Kulen, Cambodia in April 2023 for your reference about Shiva's scared number 64 that reduce to 10; which further breaks down to 0 (fool who begins the journey) and 1 (magician who has all the tools of nature). In computer language, they are binary that form the computer systems and operations; a mathematical expression.

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One Thousand Linga Kulen Mountain Siem Reap Cambodia
64 Lingams in a square of 8 x 8

One Thousand Linga Kulen Mountain Siem Reap Cambodia
One Thousand Linga at Kulen Mountain, Cambodia


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